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Over the course of the next few weeks, I'll be adding more pictures from our Central Valley Classic. If you see a picture you like, feel free to download a copy for your personal use. Photos are now "Thumb nailed". Click on the image to see it full size, and use your browsers "back" button to return to this page.

From each of the five Marques represented at the show one is singled out as the . . .

Best of Show

BestGMC.jpg (93697 bytes) 

Best GMC Award goes to: Gerald Waidley of Atwater and his 1956 GMC.

bestpontiac.jpg (87777 bytes)






Best Pontiac Award goes to: Mike Marsh and his beautiful 1958 Bonneville.

bestolds.jpg (83503 bytes)

Best Oldsmobile Award goes to: Frank Ghilotti of Stockton and his beautiful 1969 Hurst Olds.

bestbuick.jpg (86691 bytes)

Best Buick Award goes to: Wes & Carlene DuAmare of Modesto and their stunning 1954 Buick Special

bestcad.jpg (89818 bytes)

Best Cadillac Award goes to: Roger Torres of Clovis, and his beautiful 1958 Eldorado Biritz.


The Central Valley Classic was started as a way to honor Gary Kizer. Gary was instrument in forming Pontiacs of Central California, and was a real "Mr. GTO". Few could tweak a GTO to produce as much power as Gary could. 

To honor him we present the Gary Kizer Award to the best GTO at the show. This year . . . 

GKaward.jpg (95239 bytes)

The Gary Kizer Award goes to Dave Valla of Clovis and his beautiful 1966 GTO.

On Friday night before the show, Don Bonander hosted a most sumptuous meal for show entrants. Here's a peek:

Dscn4061.jpg (47672 bytes)  Dscn4062.jpg (50813 bytes)  Dscn4063.jpg (42879 bytes)  Dscn4065.jpg (52251 bytes)

Dscn4066.jpg (46042 bytes)  Dscn4067.jpg (57626 bytes)  Dscn4064.jpg (49906 bytes)

Dscn4072.jpg (93763 bytes)  DSCN4090.JPG (133795 bytes)  Dscn4074.jpg (92381 bytes)  Dscn4075.jpg (66625 bytes)  Dscn4077.jpg (87139 bytes)

Dscn4078.jpg (95755 bytes)  DSCN4080.JPG (124617 bytes)  Dscn4082.jpg (62226 bytes)  Dscn4084.jpg (84194 bytes)  Dscn4085.jpg (68032 bytes)

DSCN4089.JPG (123323 bytes)  DSCN4093.JPG (125078 bytes)  DSCN4096.JPG (92417 bytes)  DSCN4099.JPG (131209 bytes)  DSCN4102.JPG (143744 bytes)

DSCN4121.JPG (133802 bytes)  DSCN4139.JPG (133983 bytes)  Dscn4149.jpg (54319 bytes)  DSCN4110.JPG (129278 bytes)  DSCN4106.JPG (136486 bytes)

DSCN4114.JPG (133244 bytes)  DSCN4108.JPG (125414 bytes)  DSCN4124.JPG (140266 bytes)  DSCN4122.JPG (138212 bytes)  DSCN4125.JPG (131367 bytes)

Here are some pictures submitted by POCC member Bill Truckell:

snapshot (10).jpg (68435 bytes)  snapshot (11).jpg (61086 bytes)  snapshot (12).jpg (75953 bytes)

snapshot (13).jpg (51268 bytes)  snapshot (7).jpg (70805 bytes)  snapshot (9).jpg (68377 bytes)

More pictures will be added over the course of the next few days, please check back.

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