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From time to time we will highlight a Pontiacs of Central California member, their car or something they've done. Watch this page to see who's highlighted, and what kind of a Pontiac they drive.

  Featured Member; Please meet; Gayle Huls (Click on the small pictures to see them full size.)

Click here to hear this sucker run! (I mean the engine.)

I’ve got a 1968 Pontiac Bonneville four door hardtop.  The only thing I’ve done to it is put a new vinyl top on it and a set of eight lug rims.  But, I’ve always had a deep interest in Oldsmobiles ever since my dad bought a 1950 Super 88 back in 1952 when I was in grade school.  Even though this is a Web Site for Pontiacs, it doesn’t mean you can’t have other interests. 

Almost ten years ago my son’s car was stolen out of our driveway and I gave him the car I had at the time and bought this 1970 Olds Cutlass hoping someday to do something with it.  After a lot of encouragement from my wife and Jacob Skinner, who built the engine, we finally got started.

The foundation for this project is a seasoned 455 Olds that has been bored .030 over to 462 CID and fitted with 10:1 TRW forged pistons.  The block was line honed and squared for straightness, and the stock rods were resized, shot peened, deburred, beam polished, and fitted with ARP rod bolts.  The stock crank has been reconditioned, cross-drilled, and micro-polished and clamped in the block by ARP main bolts.  The entire block was deburred and polished smooth to diminish stress risers, aid in cleaning, and to give the stock “Olds Metallic Blue” paint a bitchin’ smooth finish.  Oil flow restrictors have been installed along with a slightly massaged oil pump passage to fix Oldsmobile’s weak oiling system.  The real magic of this engine is in the induction system.  This system is based on the cylinder heads and camshaft.  The heads started off as Edelbrock Aluminum Performer RPM’s and were ported by Jacob Skinner (Skinner’s Custom Engines, Madera).  The porting technique was taught to Jacob by Joe Mondello and can support up to 550+ horsepower.  The heads are equipped with stainless steel swirl polished 2.07 intake and 1.68 exhaust valves and a 77 c.c combustion chamber yielding a 10.3:1 static compression ratio.  The cam is an Engle/Mondello hydraulic flat tappet grind with 277 and 285 degrees of duration (advertised) and .522 and .541 lift.  Sitting on top of the heads is a port matched Edelbrock Performer intake and a Holley Pro-Jection throttle body flowing 950 CFM.    Expelling the spent fuel is a pair of Flowtec headers coated by Capp’s (Fresno).  The engine was engineered and assembled by Skinner’s Custom Engines and machined by Shaw City Engines (Fresno). Estimated power figures are 520 h.p @ 5800 RPM and 560 ft.lb. of torque @ 4000 RPM.

The transmission is a GM 400 built by Larry Wolford.  He put in everything new from the torque converter, with a 22-2400 RPM stall, to the oil seal in the tail shaft.  He also added four intermediate clutches, one direct clutch, and on forward clutch.

The next thing needed is a rear end and the drive train will be pretty much completed.  Then we can start on the body and interior.

Gayle Huls, member of Pontiacs of Central California



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