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On September18, Pontiacs of Central California drove South, while Pontiacs of Bakersfield drove North. Their final destination was Adventure Park in Visalia. Both clubs arrived within a few minutes of each other, What Planning! From the front door we were ushered into a banquet room that thanks to great participation by each club, turned out to be too small. The staff was very gracious to find more than enough patio space for our combined group.

We then began a feast of Pizza, Soup, Salad, Chicken Fingers, Baked Potatoes, French Fries, Pasta, salad and desert!

We came, We saw, and we dang sure ATE!


POB President Aaron Moore presents POCC President with a POB hat and T-Shirt;


POCC President Greg Griggs reciprocates by presenting POB President with the dinner bill.

Click here for more photos!

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