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On Friday June 18, POCC members Glen & Carol Igo hosted the 4th Annual "50's in the Park" Car Show in Chowchilla Veteran's Park. This beautiful park covers one square block in downtown Chowchilla, and is blanketed with wonderful grass and huge old trees . . . a great place for a car show!

Joining Glen and Carol from POCC were Brian & Janet Massey, Bill & Cheryl Richards, Sam Fisher & Elaine Davi. Glen & Carol brought their Trans Am and '68 Olds 455, Brian & Janet brought their Mustang (Air), Sam and Elaine drove the Corvette (Air) while Bill & Cheryl drove their LeMans (Air, with missing bracket). So with 5 cars present, the Pontiacs of Central California mustered only 2 Ponchos! But did that stop us!!! Heck NO . . . We still won Club Participation! To be completely honest, we just missed out on having Dan & Deb Seibert join in. However, as we speak, uhhh . . . type, Dan is trying to slosh out a backseat load of convertible top mover upper-downer fluid! Pooooor Dan.

This actually makes a great show. They start at 4pm, as the sun is going DOWN! Even in Summer, this makes for a much cooler car show, and I do mean Cooler! More shows should look at this idea (I know Dos Palos does, and it is very popular). Here we are having Fun! . . .

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A Great Big Thanks to Glen & Carol for hosting such a fun show! See you all there next year!

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