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Meeting Information

General Membership Meeting; We meet at Denny's, N/E corner of Blackstone & Herndon in Fresno. Dinner at 6pm, meeting at 7pm. (You can order dinner at anytime.)

Club dues are $24.00 per year. Membership in The Pontiac-Oakland Club International is encouraged, but is not required.

2018 POCC Officers

President: Frank Mascola; (559) 638-6533!  1mcky4us@gmail.com

Vice President: Dennis Baker; (559) 322-8441  socalolds@aol.com

Secretary: Jeannie King; (559) 438-4200  poorking01@yahoo.com 

Treasurer:  Paula Yost; 559-970-4774  yostpaula@sbcglobal.net 

Newsletter: John Berglund; 559-441-0353  johnberglund421@gmail.com

Activity Chair; Ron Berglund; (559) 325-5527  pontiac335@gmail.com

Webmaster: Brian Massey; (559) 908-9431  bjmassey2@gmail.com

Car Show Chairman: Andy Hoff; 559-304-8836  andiana766@gmail.com

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