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The following is an update from POCI President Larry Crider

regarding the 2021 convention and covid.

POCI Members:

Due to the continuing effects and restrictions caused by the COVID pandemic, POCI officials, Yankee Chapter and the POCI Convention Committee has delayed release of some material related to the 2021 Convention. Weekly we have been gathering information from the local and federal governments surrounding restrictions on allowing large events. Several items have kept our hands tied from making the decision whether we could host the convention or not. Our biggest hurdle was obviously the number of people allowed in all our banquets, seminars, meetings and the area surrounding the show vehicles.

We also had to consider the liability of both POCI and the hosting chapter. Without a protocol and guidelines that had to be in place, we could not get insurance that would allow us to hold this event.

With all information gathered at this time, and with the help and understanding of our members and guests, we strongly feel we can move forward and hold the 2021 POCI Convention.

With this announcement there will be many guidelines that everyone MUST follow. A more detailed list will appear in a future Smoke Signals and email to the members. Like most current places, everyone MUST always wear a mask. Mohegan Sun officials and security will also be helping us enforce this. Seating for the banquets will be spread thin at the tables and seating assignments will be required in registration after you have picked up your packet. Social distancing will be enforced in areas that are required and we ask everyone to have patience while in line for registration. Mohegan Sun will supply extra hand sanitizer stations. The key to making this happen is that everyone be flexible and understanding.

All information concerning our bus tours and other events of the convention, are subject to change at any time. Hopefully if anything changes it will be for the good. If tighter restrictions are enforced and some items should get cancelled, a full refund for that event will be given. We have delayed the mailing of the convention schedule and sign up sheets, but those will go immediately in the mail and posted online on our website once finalized.

We hope everyone will come join us for the 2021 POCI Convention. We look forward in seeing everyone and enjoying some Pontiac action.

Larry Crider

POCI President


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