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The Massey's 9th Annual Daytona 500 Party!


After watching an exciting race, with way too many crashes in the last few laps, some won money!

Left to right: Ron Berglund with his $20.00 third place prize, Willa Berglund showing off her $5.00 refund for drawing the last place car: Elaine Fisher $10.00 for fourth place; Jann Coppola greedily holding her $115.00 for drawing race winner Denny Hamlin; Jeff Dipple who sets the pool up and runs it every year for me (A Great Big Thanks Jeff!), and John Berglund who won $50.00 for second place. Hey, way too many Berglunds winning money here.





Janet and I really appreciate all the effort everyone makes in getting really great dishes together and bringing to the party. The food, the great friends, the race . . . it all just makes a really memorable day!


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