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Click here for the 2014 convention program in .pdf format. (Caution, it's 26 megabites)

After two years of planning, the 2014 Pontiac/Oakland Western Regional convention is in the history books. It was attended by over 250 Pontiac enthusiasts from as far North as Alaska, and as far East as Colorado. They all came, and they all had a good time!

But it was more that just a "car show", although that was a big reason for attending. The attendees were able to pick from many planned activities to keep them occupied and having fun. The convention started on a Thursday which was highlighted by a ride on the Sugar Pine Railroad. This is a several mile ride on an old steam train that was a former logging train from the area. On Friday, there were boat tours around Bass Lake on the Bass Lake Queen. While on the tour they were treated to free tastings of locally produced wines and cheeses, supplemented with an array of crackers. There were also plenty of sodas, beer and water to drink. In the evening everyone was treated to a hosted "Hospitality on the Deck". This was a chance for the attendees to gather and mix with everyone while being treated to an sumptuous assortment of foods and drinks to enjoy.

Saturday saw the actual car show. But that was not all, everyone was entertained with two great performers; Jeremy "Elvis" Pearce, and Rhonda "Marilyn" Grove. These two great impersonators kept the audience involved and enjoying the day. In the evening everyone enjoyed a great meal at the awards banquet. The awards were handed out and everyone enjoyed the evening. On Sunday morning was the "Get Away" buffet breakfast. This was the last opportunity for everyone to say their good-bys to old friends . . . and new friends, while enjoying an all you can eat buffet breakfast.



The crowd was treated to some great entertainment, including Jeremy "Elvis" Pearce, who just happens to be rated in the top 10 Elvis impersonators in the nation!




















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Photos on this page by Brian Massey

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