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The group met at one of our favorite meeting places, Starbucks on East Herndon in Clovis.

The run was organized by Brian & Janet Massey, and Ron Berglund. We decided to add a few twists to the run and break the group in two, and send each group on a different course. The two groups left Starbuck in different directions, but half way through the run wound up together for a break. After the break each group again headed of in different directions, only to meet up at the Ranchos Cafe within minutes of each other.

Each group had to guess their groups mileage, the mileage of the other group along with a few questions about what they might see on their drive. To add to that, Janet carefully counted out 465 jelly beans into a jar and everyone had to guess the number.




A great big Thanks to Ron Berglund for the above photos!


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