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After closely examining 128 classic Pontiacs and GMC pickups, our 39 judges made the following decisions:


Stock/Restored Stock Classes: (A through Z except X)

The vehicle is as it appeared when new, plus any accessories available for the car in that era. Any item that has been replaced due to wear is permissible as long as the part is as close to “stock” as possible.


(No class A or B)

Class C: 1946-54 Pontiac/Oakland

        1st Place: R.T, Martin; 1954 Chieftain   


        2nd Place: Walt & Gail Woodworth; 1950 Catalina  





Class D: 1955-57 Except Safari

        1st Place: John Gallego; 1955 Starchief   


        2nd Place: Rick & Rose Gonser; 1956 Chieftan 860   




Class E: 1955-57 Safari

        1st Place: Rich Gabrielson; 1955 Safari   




Class F: 1958-61 Pontiac

        1st Place: Linda Schneider; 1960 Bonneville   


        2nd Place: Eddie & Pat England; 1958 Bonneville   




Class G: 1962-72 Full Size

        1st Place: David Baun; 1965 2+2   


        2nd Place: Sam & Renate Troncoso; 1963 Bonneville Convertible   


        3rd Place: Ray & Eveline Paullin: 1966 Bonneville Convertible   






Class H: 1973-05 Full Size

        1st Place: Wyatt Berglund; 1965 Catalina Convertible 421   





Class I: 1962-72 Gran Prix

        1st Place: Les Kirby; 1964 Gran Prix   


        2nd Place: Tom Stanger; 1962 Gran Prix   


(No class J)

Class K: 1961-72 Midsize (Except GTO)

        1st Place: Bill Richards; 1969 LeMans   


        2nd Place: Tony Crump; 1970 Firebird   


        3rd Place: Jim Pennell; 1962 Tempest   



Class L: 1973-Present Midsize (Except GTO)

        1st Place: Ron Berglund; 1973 Grand Am   




Class M: 1964-65 GTO (Including Conv.)

        1st Place: Bob & Connie Starling; 1965 GTO   


        2nd Place: Skip Hendricks; 1965 GTO Convertible   


        3rd Place: Ken & Barb Davis; 1965 GTO Convertible   




Class N: 1966-67 GTO (Including Conv.)

        1st Place: Ron Denlevi; 1967 GTO   


        2nd Place: Ramon Mares; 1967 GTO   


        3rd Place: Dave Valla; 1966 GTO   



Class O: 1968-74 GTO/Judge (Including Conv.)

        1st Place: Chuck Thompson; 1969 GTO   


        2nd Place: Leighton Sjostrand; 1969 GTO Judge   


        3rd Place: Mark Davey; 1969 GTO   



Class P: 1967-69 Firebird

        1st Place: James Pritchard; 1967 Firebird 400   


        2nd Place: We DuAmarell; 1969 Firebird 400   


        3rd Place: Bret Grove; 1967 Firebird Convertible   




Class Q: 1970-80 Firebird

        1st Place: Jack Kenaston; 1977 Firebird Formula   



Class R: 1969-81 Trans Am

        1st Place: Gil Carreon; 1979 Trans Am   


        2nd Place: Don Lake; 1980 Trans Am SE   


        3rd Place: Beth Moore; 1979 Trans Am   



Class S: 1982-02 FB/TA/Firehawk

        1st Place: Chuck Smith; 1999 Trans Am Convertible   


        2nd Place: Bob & Linda Olsen; 2002 Trans Am Convertible   


        3rd Place: Ted Klein; 1999 Trans Am   



Class T: 1958-Present Station Wagons

        1st Place: Steve Georgiou; 1964 Tempest Wagon   





Class U: 1920 Present GMC Truck (Stock & Modified)
        1st Place: Don Waidley; 1956 GMC   


        2nd Place: Don Lake; 2007 Sierra Crew Cab   




Class V: All Fieros Stock & Modified

        1st Place: Claude & Kathleen Turner; 1988 Fiero   


        2nd Place: John Chalabian; 1988 Fiero   



Class W: 2004-Present GTO

        1st Place: Dan Gallup; 2004 GTO   


        2nd Place: Todd Hardin; 2004 GTO    (No photo available)


        3rd Place: Glenn Lepien; 2004 GTO   



Unrestored: (Class X only)

Includes vehicles which are at least 25 years old and have had no more than two of the following repairs: 1. Two panels repainted 2. New trunk interior 3. One half of the seat cushions/backs replaced 4. Two glass panes replaced 5. Headliner replaced 6. New floor coverings 7. Vinyl or convertible top replaced 8. Bumper re-chromed 9. Engine repainted 10. Suspension parts or complete exhaust. (Each numbered item or portion thereof is considered one repair.)


Class X: Unrestored

        1st Place: Gary & Mary Labate; 1972 Trans Am   


        2nd Place: Yosh Miyako; 1967 GTO   


        3rd Place: Richard Fernandez; 1976 Trans Am   



Class Y:

        1st Place: Jesse Labate; 2008 Solstice   


        2nd Place: Priscilla Fullmer; 2007 Solstice   


        3rd Place: Toni Martin; 2006 Torrent   



Class Z: Special Interest

        1st Place: Brent Thiry; 1962 Catalina   



Street Stock: (Classes AA through MM)

(Point of confusion; Street Stock means that the vehicle may not have any of the modifications listed under the definitions of “Modified”. A street Stock entry must have dual exhaust, plus either changes to the sheet metal and trim or improved carburetion or ignition. Changes which do not effect the vehicles street performance: e.g. electric fuel pump, 12 volt conversion, mag wheels, engine chrome, radial tires will not alone qualify the vehicle for street stock status.)


Class BB: 1949-61 Pontiac

        1st Place: Clyde Cook; 1951 Chieftain   


Class CC: 1962-70 Pontiac (Except GTO)

        1st Place: Ron Newman; 1963 Catalina   



Class EE: 1961-75 Mid Size (Except GTO)

        1st Place: Bob Olsen; 1970 LeMans    


Class GG: 1964-65 GTO

        1st Place: Doug & Barb Johnson; 1965 GTO   



Class HH: 1966-67 GTO

        1st Place: Jim Edwards; 1967 GTO   


        2nd Place: Mick Batson; 1967 GTO   



Class II: 1968-74 GTO/Judge

        1st Place: Leighton Sjostrand; 1970 GTO   


        2nd Place: Marvin & Carol Sakamoto; 1970 GTO   


        3rd Place: Alan & Julie Blake; 1970 GTO   




Class JJ: 1967-69 Firebird/Trans Am

        1st Place: Maunel Toste; 1968 Firebird   


        2nd Place: Robert Carlson; 1969 Firebird   


        3rd Place: Dennis Trimble; 1968 Firebird   




Class KK: 1970-81 Firebird/Trans Am

        1st Place: Les Iden; 1972 Trans Am   


        2nd Place: Paul Stewart; 1973 Firebird   



Class MM: 1920-Present GMC

        1st Place: Kevin Balaam; 1957 GMC 1 Ton   


        2nd Place: Reed Fulmer; 2007 GMC Sierra   




Modified: (Classes NN through UU)

Vehicles with one or more of the following: 1. Altered or non-original GM power plant that is either “High Performance”, or bored/stroked to an increase of over 50 CI. 2. Major body modifications. 3. Chromed or dechromed 30% or more. 4. Major change in riding height. 5. Custom Paint. 6. Non-original hood, or hood scoop. 7. Vehicle is set up for racing. 8. Non-stock suspension (except shocks). 9. Differential other than year of vehicle manufacture.

Class NN: 1926-48 Pontiac

        1st Place: Bob Kauffman; 1935 Silver Cabriolet   


        2nd Place: Richard Stagno; 1939 Convertible   


        3rd Place: Milton Morton; 1939 2dr Coupe   



Class OO: 1949-60 Pontiac

        1st Place: Rich & Pam Gabrielson; 1955 Chieftan   


        2nd Place: Mike & Teresa Lacombe; 1955 Chieftan   


        3rd Place: Jim & Judy Dunn; 1951 Chieftan   



Class PP: 1961-70 Pontiac

        1st Place: Bob & Gayle Barkhouse; 1962 Catalina   


        2nd Place: Don & Barbara Senior; 1968 Bonneville convertible   


        3rd Place: Tom & Amy Browning; 1965 LeMans Convertible   



Class QQ: 1971-Present Pontiac

        1st Place: Aaron Davlin; 2006 GTO   


        2nd Place: Chuck Cochren; 1977 Grand Prix   



Class RR: 1964-67 GTO

        1st Place: Ray Bell; 1965 GTO   


        2nd Place: Mike Johnston; 1964 GTO   


        3rd Place: Norm Callahan; 1967 GTO   



Class SS: 1968-74 GTO/Judge

        1st Place: Randy Beavers; 1968 GTO Convertible   


        2nd Place: Don Lake; 1969 GTO   



Class TT: 1967-69 Firebird/Trans Am

        1st Place: Ted & Peggy Demichele; 1969 Firebird   


        2nd Place: Victor Weitzel; 1969 Firebird Convertible   


        3rd Place: John & Nancy Murray; 1968 Firebird   



Class UU: 1970-81 Firebird/Trans Am

        1st Place: Benny & Debbie Bozzelli; 1976 Firebird   


        2nd Place: Aaron Moore; 1971 Firebird Formula   


        3rd Place: Dan Wengert; 1970 Trans Am   



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