2005 Pontiac/Oakland/GMC


Regional Convention 


September 30; October 1-2, 2005








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Due to overwhelming demand, we have booked all rooms available at the Pines Resort!


As a result, we have secured a block of rooms at a secondary location. Go to Hotel Reservation page for secondary hotel information..

Stock/Restored Stock Classes: (The vehicle is as it appeared when new, plus any accessories available for the car in that era.  Any item that has been replaced due to wear is permissible as long as the part is as close to “stock” as possible.)

Unrestored: Includes vehicles which are at least 25 years old and have had no more than two of the following repairs: 1. Two panels repainted; 2. New trunk interior; 3. One half of the seat cushions/backs replaced; 4. Two glass panes replaced; 5. Headliner replaced; 6. New floor coverings; 7. Vinyl or convertible top replaced; 8. Bumper re-chromed; 9. Engine repainted; 10. Suspension parts or complete exhaust. (Each numbered item or portion thereof is considered one repair.)

Mid Size Cars: Consist of: Tempest, Le Mans, Gt37, Can Am, Sun Bird and Grand Am.

“Present” vehicles must have accumulated less than 5,000 miles to qualify for 1st Place awards.

    A: 1926-39 Pontiac/Oakland                                    B: 1940-48 Pontiac/Oakland

    C: 1946-54 Pontiac/Oakland                                    D: 1955-57 Except Safari

    E: 1955-57 Safari                                                     F: 1958-61 Pontiac

    G: 1962-72 Full Size                                                H: 1973-05 Full Size

    I: 1962-72 Gran Prix                                                J: 1973-Present Gran Prix

    K: 1961-72 Midsize (Except GTO)                          L: 1973-Present Midsize (Except GTO)

    M: 1964-65 GTO (Including Conv.)                         N: 1966-67 GTO (Including Conv.)

    O: 1968-74 GTO/Judge (Including Conv.)                P: 1967-69 Firebird

    Q: 1970-80 Firebird                                                 R: 1969-81 Trans Am

    S: 1982-02 FB/TA/Firehawk                                    T: 1958-Present Station Wagons

    U: 1920 Present GMC Truck (Stock & Modified)    V: All Fieros Stock & Modified

    W: 2004-Present GTO                                             X: Unrestored

    Y: Race Cars                                                            Z: Special Interest

Street Stock: (Point of confusion; Street Stock means that the vehicle may not have any of the modifications listed under the definitions of “Modified”. A street Stock entry must have dual exhaust, plus either changes to the sheet metal and trim or improved carburetion or ignition. Changes which do not effect the vehicles street performance: e.g. electric fuel pump, 12 volt conversion, mag wheels, engine chrome, radial tires will not alone qualify the vehicle for street stock status.)

    AA: 1926-48 Pontiac                                            BB: 1949-61 Pontiac

    CC: 1962-70 Pontiac (Except GTO)                     DD: 1971-Present Pontiac (Except GTO)

    EE: 1961-75 Mid Size (Except GTO)                   FF: 1976-Present Mid Size (Except GTO)

    GG: 1964-65 GTO                                               HH: 1966-67 GTO

    II: 1968-74 GTO/Judge                                        JJ: 1967-69 Firebird/Trans Am

    KK: 1970-81 Firebird/Trans Am                           LL: 1982-02 Firebird/Trans Am

    MM: 1920-Present GMC

Modified: Vehicles with one or more of the following: 1. Altered or non-original GM power plant that is either “High Performance”, or bored/stroked to an increase of over 50 CI; 2. Major body modifications; 3. Chromed or de-chromed 30% or more; 4. Major change in riding height; 5. Custom Paint; 6. Non-original hood, or hood scoop. 7. Vehicle is set up for racing; 8. Non-stock suspension (except shocks); 9. Differential other than year of vehicle manufacture.

    NN: 1926-48 Pontiac                                        OO: 1949-60 Pontiac

    PP: 1961-70 Pontiac                                          QQ: 1971-Present Pontiac

    RR: 1964-67 GTO                                            SS: 1968-74 GTO/Judge

    TT: 1967-69 Firebird/TA                                   UU: 1970-81 Firebird/TA


Questions/Comments: Contact Brian Massey, email: bjmassey@bigfoot.com or phone 559-645-8018.


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