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Someone (named Jack) likes watermelon!

Thank You Thank You Victor!

A huge thank you to Victor and his friends for hosting the End of Summer Games. We all made it up the hill in the heat to Mariposa. When we arrived we were greeted to a mini car show. After a bit of munching on chips, salsa, guacamole and bean dip we got the rules of the games. Ball toss into tires, trim ring horseshoes and Frisbee throwing through tires seemed easy enough until the rules were put into place. We had to use our non natural hand for throwing. All the righties became lefties and the lefties became righties. The competition was fierce. Teams were made up by picking names out of the hat. After all of the teams were finished the winners were announced. Jack Fusari and Sam Fisher came in third. Keith Watts and Greg Griggs placed second and Joel Garrett and Mary Wolters were the first place team. They split $54.00. Way to go winners. During the game demonstration our club photographer, Brian Massey was hit square in the chest with a Frisbee. 100 points for Victor for that awesome throw!!

The barbecues were fired up and one of the best pork loins I had ever tasted was on the grill. The burgers were cooking. Victor supplied pulled pork which was delicious. Thanks to all the yummy dishes everyone brought we had a great lunch. Cake and cookies topped off the meal. Hmm seems our club likes to eat.

The Joel Garret look alike contest was won by Carl. Poor Robbin. I hope she is ready for that. Somehow Joel’s face was put on Austin Powers body and he even talked!! The rest of the afternoon was spent visiting and watching the wildlife. We saw a mama dear and her babies and a few wild turkeys were spotted.

We all had a great time. Good friends, good food and a little healthy competition. Victor suggests making this an annual event. What do you all think? I vote yes. As we headed down the hill we all were looking forward to our big Cayucos weekend coming up.

(Story by Judy Garrett)





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