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How did you spend New Years Eve?


A few members of POCC spent the weekend at Betabel RV Park near San Juan Bautista. Seen here is Ron "Twinkle Toes" Berglund giving dance lessons to Joel and Judy.

Joining the fun for the weekend were Ron & Willa; Joel & Judy; Brian & Janet and former club members Dave & Trudy, who still own their GTO. Besides dancing, we ate at Fisherman's Wharf . . . twice; had a Pot Luck dinner and ate, had a Crock Pot dinner and ate, and of course our famous "Get-Away" breakfast . . . and ate.

Besides eating, we played cards, had a movie night complete with popcorn and generally had a lot of fun! Those of you who pooped out on us, missed a great weekend. Those of you without RVs  . . . oh well.

(All kidding aside, Ron & Willa are great dancers, but even with all their talent trying to teach me, I was hopeless.)


Save the date; It's Coming For Sure!

The 19th Annual Pontiac, Buick,

Oldsmobile, Cadillac & GMC

Car Show

Plan now to be in Clovis on

May 5-6, 2017!

Click here for details!

Congratulations to our incoming club officers!

For 2017 please welcome . . .

President: Bill Richards;          Vice President: Frank Mascola

Secretary: Jeannie King;          Treasurer:  Paula Yost

Newsletter: John Berglund;          Activity Chair; Andy Hoff

Webmaster: John Berglund;          Car Show Chairman: Andy Hoff

And a great big tip 'o the POCC cap to our outgoing 2016 officers;

President: Dennis Simonson:         Vice President: Bill Tenison

Secretary: Mary Walter:         Treasurer:  Paula Yost

Newsletter: John Berglund;         Activity Chair; Judy & Joel Garrett

Webmaster: Brian Massey;         Car Show Chairman: Andy Hoff

Thank you for your service!

Join Us!


We meet on the second Monday of the month at Denny's; North/East corner of Herndon and Blackstone in Fresno.

Dinner at 6pm, meeting at 7pm. See Ya there !


Pontiacs of Central California Mission Statement:


We are made up of a group of people with various backgrounds who have one thing in common, we LOVE Pontiacs. We drive 'em, work on 'em, polish 'em, restore 'em, break 'em (even cuss 'em) and have a lot of fun doing it. Be it an old '52 Chieftain straight-eight, a new WS6 Trans Am, or anything in between.

We are individuals, couples, and families that like to get together for a variety of activities. We host an annual judged car show and participate as a club in other local and regional car shows. We have informal BBQ Show and Shines and get together for Brunch and Dinner Cruises. We also attend the local Cruise Nights as a group. The cars in the club range from Concours cars, daily drivers, drag racers and cars undergoing restoration. Our goal is to have FUN while enjoying our Pontiacs.

If this sounds like something you would enjoy, JOIN US!

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